What are the best hats to wear in Italy?

Wear a fedora when you travel to Italy.

Visiting a new country can be quite overwhelming at times especially if you have no idea what to wear. Fortunately I have a few headwear suggestions that will make packing a lot easier. There are thousands of colors, styles, and fits of hats all over the world and Italy is no exception. Now going to one of the many shops throughout the country and buying yourself a hat isn’t a bad idea at all. But if you want to come prepared my personal favorite is the fedora. A well known hat that not only looks good but can also provide shade for your face. 

Today it is more common to find older people in Italy wearing these hats but once you start to look out for them you will notice their abundance. The brand behind Harrison Ford’s hat in Indiana Jones, Borsalino, made fedoras big and started out as a small factory in Italy. Fedoras have a center crease and are pinched together towards the front of the hat. These hats have brims which are usually around two and a half inches but this can change if you get a wider brimmed fedora. They are often made of wool or felt and are very comfortable. I would recommend this because it’s something that can go with an outfit on the casual side but is still considered to be more formal.

Another good choice would simply be a ball cap. If you’re worried about “blending in” wear a cap that has the Italia National teams logo! It’s always important to be comfortable so wearing something like a baseball cap is a fine pick. It can keep the sun out of your face and they are usually one size fits all. Many people don’t realize that the ball cap is starting to become more and more common across the globe and can be seen frequently when partaking in outdoor activities in Italy. I would suggest simply buying yourself a ball cap with no branding or writing. A neutral color like tan, black, or red might work better. 

Fedoras in pop culture

As fedoras began to rise in popularity they were used more and more throughout movies and other forms of media. I previously mentioned how the famous actor Harrison Ford wore a Fedora for a majority of the time he played Indiana Jones. But there are lots of other renowned characters that don fedoras. Some of them being:

  • The horror icon Freddy Krueger
  • The criminal mastermind Carmen Sandiego 
  • When Blending in Clark Kent would wear a fedora
  • The Ninja Turtles would also wear fedoras when going undercover

Reasons to choose the Fedora

There are many reasons you should get yourself one of these hats. From style to functionality. Some of the great things about fedoras are:

  • They are good for weather and keeping rain out of your face
  • They provide shade on days that are too sunny
  • A fedora is best paired with a nice suit jacket or blazer. But they also look great with more casual outfits. A simple button down or nice t-shirt would pair well with this hat too! 
  • From my experience fedoras are a very comfortable hat; they are usually lined and most feature a sweatband.
  • They can also be worn any time of the year due to their functionality and versatility.

Tips For Buying A Fedora

  • Try to find one that best suits your wardrobe remember that there is a wide variety of Fedoras out there  
  • Comfort comes first, make sure the hat fits you well before buying it. Always try and make sure you can fit one of your fingers between your head and the hat. If it is leaving red marks on your skin that is a major indicator you need a more loose hat. 
  • If this is your first time wearing a fedora try a neutral color. Fedoras are not dirt cheap and if you buy one with patterns and markings you will most likely get less use out of it. 
  • Explore your options! There are many different colors and materials out there. Wool fedoras may be most common but there is nothing wrong with a nicely made straw fedora for hotter days.

Reasons to bring a Ball cap

Baseball hats are a good choice for Italian headwear.
  • It is more than likely the easiest option. Most people have one lying around and if not a nice ball cap is a cheap investment.
  • Ball caps are very good for shading your face. This comes with many health benefits. It can prevent sunburn, shield your eyes from the sun, and can also help maintain a healthy body temperature.
  • Ball caps are very comfortable. Almost every cap is one size fits all and for some you can even adjust the size to your liking.
  • They can also be very useful when having a bad hair day! It happens to the best of us and sometimes no matter what we try our hair does not look how we want. Luckily a ball cap looks great and conceals your hair entirely.    

Things to consider

  • Make sure when indoors you take off your hat. People will appreciate the respectful gesture.
  • If you purchase a hat with a sports team logo, research the team and what the locals think of them wherever you are going. You would not want to get any dirty looks.
  • Be confident with your selection! As long as it is comfortable and you think it looks good I am sure everyone will appreciate your choice.
  • Make sure to keep your hat clean. Especially during the summertime when you will be sweating.

Summary: What are the best hats to wear in Italy?

In reality as long as you are happy with you choice any hat will work. But the BEST ones to wear would definitely be a fedora or a ball cap. Not only are they easy to style but they have many useful functions. They are comfortable and can block shade. They can also be useful if you want to try and blend in. On top of all that there are countless colors, brim sizes, and fabrics that make every hat unique. For a formal option you could choose a nice fedora with a suit and for a day with lots of walking a ball cap would be a great choice. Just always be sure to keep comfort in mind when you make your purchase and always be confident in your hat!