What Is The Best Hat To Wear In Hot Weather?

Now that summer is here many people are in search of the perfect hat for hot weather. The ideal hat keeps the sun out of our eyes but is still comfortable. That is why the best hats for summertime are made of a breathable material and have wide brims. More specifically; bucket hats with mesh walls, floppy hats, or a nice ball cap. 

My personal favorite of those would be a bucket hat with mesh walls. When wearing one of these hats the proper shade is provided for your face. It also will allow your head to breathe but because the top is solid your scalp will not burn. Almost every bucket hat also has a cord that comes in very handy. It keeps the hat secured to your head and when indoors you can remove that hat and let it hang around your neck. These kinds of hats can also be referred to as boonie hats. 

Another good choice would be a floppy hat. Wearing something like a floppy hat will guarantee that your face is fully shaded. This will help you prevent sunburn on your face, neck, and ears. Floppy hats are not usually made out of mesh but a great alternative is straw. A straw floppy hat will be just as comfortable and cool as a mesh hat. These straw hats are commonly made for women but there are lots of unisex options too. Those usually look similar to a bucket hat.

When picking out a good ball cap for the summer it is very important to find the most comfortable option. I would suggest getting a lighter colored hat. This is because darker colors absorb the sun way more than lighter colors. If you have a black hat for example your head would get extremely hot very quickly which could lead to heat exhaustion. A well made ball cap is lightweight, comfortable, and can provide just enough shade for your face.

Why You Should Choose A Bucket Hat

From function to fashion the bucket hat is a great choice for the summer season. Some of the best parts about it are;

  • It can protect your face, neck, ears, and scalp from unhealthy UV rays.
  • A mesh bucket hat will help keep your body temperature stable and make sure you don’t overheat.
  • It is common to find a cord that will ensure that hat is securely on your head
  • They are lightweight and easy to pack
  • It is very easy to style a bucket hat they can be worn with almost any casual outfit

Bucket Hats In Pop Culture

Bucket hats were introduced around 1900 and were originally worn by fishermen. As they became more and more relevant people began to use them in pop culture. Some of the best examples of bucket hats in media are;

  • Captain Price from Call of Duty wears a bucket hat
  • Kisuke Urahara from the anime Bleach
  • Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island is also seen wearing one of these hats

Is A Floppy Hat Good For You?

Floppy hats are way different than most other headwear. They are extremely good for hot weather and are not too expensive. But the real question is are floppy hats for you. 

  • Floppy hats are a bit heavier than other hats but provide even more shade. While wearing one of these, getting sunburn on your head is out of the question. 
  • Although floppy hats are mainly made for women there are still many unisex options
  • They are made of a variety of material but I would say the most popular and overall best ones are made of straw
  • Floppy hats can easily be styled with something casual or something like a nice sundress

Why A Ball Cap Is A Good Idea.

A nice baseball cap can be a great choice. They are simple but still very effective during hot weather. There are many reasons that prove this and some of them are;

  • Baseball caps are always an easy choice especially because most people have them lying around. 
  • Baseball caps are usually cheap and can be easy to find almost anywhere.
  • Another convenient feature about ball caps is the shade they provide. They can protect your eyes and face from harmful UV rays.
  • Almost every ball cap is one size fits all and most have adjustable straps so anybody can wear them.
  • They are good for covering your hair on a bad hair day! A ball cap can be used to fully conceal your hair no matter how crazy it may be.

Things to consider

  • Make sure to remove your hat when indoors. Many people see it as a sign of respect.
  • Try and make sure to keep your hat clean! Especially on those hot days when you’ll be sweating the most.
  • A mesh material may keep you cooler but it’s always a good idea to choose the hat you love most.
  • Remember to always try and choose light colored hats in hot weather. This does a lot to prevent you from overheating.
  • If you enjoy going on lots of road trips choose a hat that is easily packed. You don’t want your hat to take up any needed space in your bags.
  • If you prefer a wider brim you can get a wide brimmed bucket hat or an even bigger floppy hat but this could make the hat more expensive.

Summary: What Is The Best Hat To Wear In Hot Weather?

The summer heat can get very overwhelming at times. That is why making sure you have the right hat is very important. Most people think that just any old hat will work but that is clearly not the case. Wearing one of the hats I talked about today will not only make you more comfortable but it also provides many health benefits. These benefits range from  stopping the sun to shading your face and even helping to reduce body temperature. All of this goes to show that bucket hats with mesh walls, floppy hats, and baseball caps are the very best choices for hot weather. I own one of each and I hardly leave my house without them during the summer heat. Just remember to always make the choice based on which hat you are most comfortable in!